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1st private radiotherapy / chemotherapy / nuclear medicine center in Tunisia

With its comprehensive array of services, IBN KHALDOUN Medical Center stands at the forefront of oncology care in Tunisia since its establishment in 2005. Pioneering as the nation's premier private center dedicated to oncology, it offers a sophisticated consultation facility, a chemotherapy day hospital, a nuclear medicine unit equipped with exercise testing, and a cutting-edge radiotherapy technical unit.

Our center addresses a critical need for advanced tumor treatment, showcasing state-of-the-art skills, equipment, and innovative technological processes aimed at enhancing patient care and outcomes.

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Ibn Khaldoun Medical Center Sousse Tunisia

Why chose Ibn Khaldoun Medical Center ?


We place patients at the core of our focus

We attentively listen to their concerns and adapt to their individual needs, ensuring optimal support throughout their treatment journey.


Quality Assurance

We are dedicated to a rigorous quality approach focused on the continuous enhancement of services offered to our patients.


Cutting-edge Technology

We stand as the first and only center equipped with a complete range of state-of-the-art technology, essential for delivering the utmost care tailored to your needs.


19 Years of Expertise

With over 19 years of collective experience, our multidisciplinary team is exceptionally skilled, interactive, and trained in the best professional practices.


Innovative Treatment Approaches

Harnessing cutting-edge equipment, our center has been instrumental in introducing advanced treatment techniques in Tunisia. Examples include VMAT radiotherapy, stereotactic radiotherapy, and the utilization of FFF (Flattening Filter-Free) beams…


Digitalized Medical Records

Your medical records are electronically stored, providing enhanced security and accessibility for all parties involved in your care.


Scientific Event Coordination

As advocates for scientific progress, we regularly organize scientific events such as symposia, congresses, seminars, and more.


Integration of Artificial Intelligence in Radiotherapy

Empowering us to standardize techniques, enhance treatment precision, and optimize time efficiency.

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